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Polish Sausage Stir Fry: Typical Midweek Dinner

I love to stir fry vegetables, and chicken is usually my meat of choice to mix in with them. But I also have another favorite meat compound for my stir fry: polish sausage.

Base Ingredients

I cut the sausage up in order to heat and cook them quicker.

The cooking sausages

And any great stir fry requires rice.

Boiling Pot

Then I always have reservation on how long you’re supposed to cook polish sausage, given that it’s supposedly pre-cooked. But it’s pork, and my feeling is that pork can never be to well-done. When it’s burned a little, I add the vegetables to the polish sausage.

The Mix

The vegetables are frozen, so I let it steam together for a while. Then I add some stir fry sauce before it gets fully hot. Pretty soon, it’s all done and I put some on the rice.

The Finished Product


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