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Flies on the Horse

Shake My Head

Shake My Head

Recently, I observed a horse that had hundreds of flies circling it and sitting on it. The horse flinched, but only slightly. The fat under their skin must be as thick as leather.

Fuel Tank

DSCN1462 I was ill, or I was telling myself that I was ill. I lay in bed, with random thoughts in my head, touching my way through podcasts and feeling sorry for myself. But then I stopped. I went to my computer and breathed out my anxiety through my keyboard and into characters on a page. 

And then I felt better. Imagine that. 

Why I Like Terminator Genisys (Sort of) 

I have to admit something embarrassing: I saw Terminator Genisys in the theater twice and really liked it. Even though the movie isn’t objectively good, The Terminator universe is richer and more interesting than the Mad Max universe. (Kiss super fans in the desert? Ok…)
I like the idea of the movie: focus on Kyle Reese’s journey and motivation. He’s only been in two Terminator movies (a supporting player in Salvation), so there’s some new turf. Sadly, they cast Jai Courtney. He doesn’t totally screw up Genisys but he doesn’t elevate the movie either.

The writing and set pieces aren’t that much better. The writing, especially the second time travel sequence, was too similar to the Sarah Connor Chronicles. A lot of the action sequences look like rip-offs from previous Terminator films and other action films. Golden Gate Bridge bus scene? What a mash-up of Rise of the Planet Apes and Jurassic Park. All of these random shoot-ups were resolved too quickly, and there wasn’t a single chase scene that played to a satisfying climax. Could you at least shoot to equal the multi-car and crane chase scene from Terminator 3?

Like every Terminator movie, this one changed the continuity, even while recreating the some of the first film shot-for-shot. If they had waited another five years to do this movie and called it a remake, that’s one thing. After Terminator Salvation and Sarah Connor Chronicles came out so close together and followed different continuity, this can’t be defended. 

But I liked the movie because it dealt with the themes of fate and destiny, and if you can really change the past. Even poorly executed, those themes are so much more interesting than half of the straight up action movies we see every summer. 


Lazy Dust


 A car kicks up dust. The dust settles down, wonders why it had to be bothered in such a dramatic fashion, and returns to its long day of lying around.




A moment never seems as happy until it has past. When it passes, you remember it ten times as fondly as it ever was when it happened, even you can remember thinking to yourself at the time you were sad or angry or unhappy. 

Cow Spot

It's Staring Right at You

It’s Staring Right at You

Recently, I scrolled back through the old notes I’d written on my iPhone (and, a device ago, my iPod touch) over the last three years. Or more precisely, back before I accepted a lot of who I am. 

Looking back on it, the funny was, I tried to fight a lot of battles I couldn’t win. Now, I don’t even try, and I’m a lot happier because of I just focus on the positives and what I’m good at.  

Seward Nooks: Trailing Up

These photos were taken last fall. I meant to write a detailed description and post them back then, but of course, I got caught up in football writing. Better late than never I suppose. 


Walk Out

Turn a tight corner.



I’ve shown you the stroll down the hill. This time…



I go the other way.



It isn’t out there, even if it kind of feels that way.

Fields of Tall Grass and Barley

Fields of Tall Grass and Barley

Shuffle through.

Cross Straight Ahead

Cross Straight Ahead

More and More.

Stark Path

Stark Path

Those powerlines have a way of messing up my photographs.

Modern Street

Modern Street

The new part.



Sky getting low all around me.



At this point in my walk, I’m dragging.

Road Home

Road Home

So I’ll just skip to the end. 

Mirror of Years


Memory Lane…

The other day, it occurred to me that I should look back through my past profile pictures on Facebook, to see if there was one I’d like to use as my profile picture again. To my surprise, there were several worthy candidates, that, after all this time, still reflected my personality and who I am.

As I scrolled down through those past portraits, I realized that so much of life simply passes without our knowing. Even though I may have the same, distracted face in a lot of my photos, I’ve done a lot of different things. As camera technology has improve, I’ve changed glasses, traveled, even bought a house and moved. I’ve written more than I ever could have expected. I fear that soon, I’m going to wake up and feel ten years older.

But I know that God has a plan for me, and that no matter, what, he’s guiding my footsteps.

Cheap Motels


Inn For the Night

I’ve stayed in my share of crappy motels. Sometimes, I did so out of necessity, as I did when I visited Omro, Wisconsin to harvest corn samples in the summer of 2012 and the home-run motel was my only choice. Other places, like Morton, Illinois, I just stay at the Travel Lodge because I’ve always stayed there. Like a lot of my elders who lived through the Great Depression, I can pride myself in being cheap, or telling myself something is too nice for me. Our family stayed at Super 8 AKA one-step-above-Motel 6 all the time when I was growing up, so why should I care about staying at crappy places? It’s not like I’m traveling with a woman I’m trying to impress.

Then comes the one night where I’m just so tired, my back is hurting and I just have to get a good night’s rest and crash at the Quality Inn. Those nights, I  feel like the fool, even if I’m too tired to care. 


Is it really that grim?

Twisted Streets



Large bodies of water always mess up a large city’s traffic, and make their streets run in odd directions. Above is one of the few streets that come out from Wisconsin‘s state capital and runs between the lakes smack-dab in the middle of Madison, Wisconsin.

Below is the forced end of both a street and city, San Francisco to be exact. Behind the sign is a beach full of birds, drifters, seals, and other sun-soaked things.

The Very End of the Street

The Very End of the Street


Ideas Left Behind


It Changes

Possibilities and ideas pass through my head all day, whether I’m doing the dishes, walking on the trail, or just driving someplace. I file them away. Some of them turn into ideas that I post here. I’ve had whole visions of running off to California, or working in national parks. But some, like writing for a real website or selling my photographs, have come to fruition.

The enthusiasm of a new idea always fades, but when it does, it the truth becomes clear. Humans are always destined to see more paths than they are able to walk. We don’t need to take it so personally, it just means we have great imaginations.

Podcast Life 

Face the Future.

Face the Future.


I played the voices and speeches in my ear, and left them on for hours. When I turned them off, my thoughts had a lot to say to me. 

Podcasts are just personal time radio, or a theater of one’s own making.  Radio feels like appointment time, podcasts like library of daily discourse. 

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